Manny Pacquiao vs Keith Thurman Boxing

FOX Sports announces a trio of current and former champions to serve as analysts for the FOX SPORTS PREMIER BOXING CHAMPIONS PAY-PER-VIEW: MANNY PACQUIAO VS. KEITH THURMAN broadcast. WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder, IBF Welterweight World Champion Errol Spence Jr., WBC Welterweight World Champion Shawn Porter and former two-division champion Danny Garcia join International Boxing Hall of Famer Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini and undisputed three-time heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis, adding insights and analysis. Wilder, Porter, Garcia and Mancini join hosts Chris Myers, and Kate Abdo live on FOX Sports’ desk for fight programmi

Spence, Porter, Wilder Part Of FOX’s Pacquiao-Thurman Coverage …

By Keith Idec

LAS VEGAS – We still don’t know when Errol Spence Jr. and Shawn Porter will square off in their welterweight title unification fight.

They’ll come face-to-face Friday, though, as part of FOX’s coverage of the Manny Pacquiao-Keith Thurman pay-per-view fight. Spence (25-0, 21 KOs), the IBF welterweight champion, and Porter (30-2-1, 17 KOs), the WBC 147-pound champ, will be guest analysts for FS1’s Pacquiao-Thurman weigh-in show Friday at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT.

Porter also will call some of the action from ringside Saturday night because one of FOX’s analysts, trainer Joe Goossen, will work a corner during the broadcast. Goossen handles former IBF junior welterweight champ Sergey Lipinets (15-1, 11 KOs), who is scheduled to face an opponent Goossen used to train, John Molina Jr. (30-8, 24 KOs), in a 12-rounder that’ll be part of the FOX Sports Pay-Per-View broadcast.


Once the Lipinets-Molina match ends, Goossen will return to ringside to call the Omar Figueroa Jr.-Yordenis Ugas and Pacquiao-Thurman fights. Blow-by-blow announcer Kenny Albert and former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis also will call the FOX Sports Pay-Per-View and FOX fights Saturday night.

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Pacquiao on Thurman: Easy To Say Things, Not Easy To Do Them …

Twenty-four years after first climbing into a professional boxing ring, Manny Pacquiao will attempt to defy the march of time here Saturday when he battles undefeated Keith Thurman for the WBA welterweight crown.

The 40-year-old Filipino icon clashes with Thurman at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in what is arguably his most challenging assignment since losing to Floyd Mayweather in 2015’s money-spinning “Fight of the Century”.

Pacquiao, who has managed to successfully juggle a political career in the Philippines while continuing to box at a high level, looked sharp in his last outing in January, a unanimous decision against Adrien Broner.


But the eight-division world champion is facing an altogether higher-calibre opponent in the shape of Thurman, renowned as one of the hardest punchers in the welterweight division with 22 knockouts in 30 fights.

Thurman, who at 30 years old is a full decade younger than Pacquiao, sees Saturday as an attempt to build his legacy, and has bluntly vowed to send the Filipino into retirement.

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Ricky Hatton, Erik Morales, Timothy Bradley Share Predictions On …

Boxing legends and Manny Pacquiao’s past opponents have shared their unique predictions of the Pacquiao-Thurman superfight.

Former boxing world champions Ricky Hatton, Timothy Bradley and Erik Morales revealed their own predictions on the upcoming welterweight superfight between Pacquiao and Thurman. Two of the boxers picked the Filipino boxing legend, while the other one is banking on the younger champ.

There are three predictions that seem to matter the most ahead of the Pacquiao-Thurman fight — Hatton’s, Bradley’s and Morales’ — not only because they are world-famous boxers, but also because of the fact that they were all Pacquiao’s past opponents at one point. Just yesterday, a compilation of Paquiao-Thurman predictions was uploaded by In the video, Hatton and Bradley shared their insights and picks. Hatton picked Pacquiao, while Bradley banked on Thurman.

Hatton had a lot to say about the fighter who marked the beginning of the end of his career. Hatton said he believes that Pacquiao may not be “the same force he was a few years,” but he has still managed to win his fights and that makes him think that Pacman could still win even if he’s already aging.

The former champ highlighted that Pacquiao still looks good and even used the phrase “rock on” as he agree that 40-year-old champ should still fight. However, Hatton hopes that Pacquiao knows “the right time to get out.”


On Pace w/ Pastrana: Switching Gears | S2E1

On Pace w/ Pastrana: Switching Gears | S2E1

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HISTORY in partnership with Nitro Circus announces a revamped format of the Sunday, July 7 live television event “Evel Live 2” due to renowned freestyle motocross athlete Axell Hodges crashing during a practice jump of the longest motorcycle jump in history. In the spirit of daredevil Evel Knievel, Hodges recently attempted to jump farther than anyone ever has on a motorcycle – a distance that was set in 2011 at 378 feet and 9 inches by Robbie Maddison – and severely injured both ankles prior to the live show. In the revamped show, beginning at 9pm ET, exclusive crash footage of Hodges will be revealed and four-time X Games Medalist Vicki Golden will aim to set a new world record in an epic live motorcycle firewall stunt.  Watch it live on WantMyTV

UFC Parody: Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm

UFC Parody: Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm

Ultimate battling Championship UFC 193: Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm just how everything started Ronda Rousey Holly Holm 10 years later on Ronda Rousey Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The first  U.S. girl to earn an Olympic medal in judo. The former UFC Ladies’ Bantamweight Champion The last Strikeforce Ladies’ Bantamweight Champion. Initial feminine fighter to sign with the UFC Signature move: arm bar (single or dual joint lock that hyper extends, hyper flexes or hyper rotates the elbow joint and/or neck joint) Holly Holm (The Preacher’s Daughter). A multiple-time globe champion in boxing. The present UFC Bantamweight Champion Holm utilizes a variety of throwing practices, frequently targeting the body with a fast side kick, pushing back once again a rush with a low oblique kick, and attacking the head with a left high kick Her battle with Ronda Rousey is considered among the biggest upsets in history of recreations Fifty colors of grey Epic Parody.

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As Prophet T.B. Joshua was ministering prayer to the congregation at the Monday live prophetic service in the name of Jesus Christ, a man cried out to him for his special attention.

I am a blasphemer. Are you a pastor? Yes, sir. You are a blasphemer? Yes, sir. I have a confession to make.

The confession is that we have been praying that God should take away your power. We are PFN (Pentecostal Fellowship Nigeria) in Anambra State, Nigeria. I came to meet you. I have never seen a pastor like you. I have never seen your type. Why were you people praying to take away my life? We were seeing you as an anti-Christ. And even that the Anointing Water was initiation into the marine world. We said it was bewitching.

The people were mesmerized; they’d just dance and fall and that it was not real power from Heaven. Why? These are lies of the enemy. I have come here for forgiveness. That’s why I came so that it would be well with me. So you are a pastor? Yes, sir. So, all the pastors in which state? Anambra. Yes, sir. You people were praying that God should take away my life? Yes, sir. And humble you. Okay, thank you. I want to see you, sir. Go and wait for me. Emmanuel! (God with us – Matthew 1:23) I am Pastor Chidi Daniel; a pastor with Grace of God Mission in Anambra State, Nigeria. I also belong to the PFN (Pentecostal Fellowship Nigeria). Based on the information from our superiors, those I highly esteemed, I was ruined. That was the position. I was appointed as music and crusade director and as such, I went around saying what they told me to say – that was a fallacy – that the man of God, Prophet T.B.

Joshua, sleeps with snakes and lives in the water.

You can imagine… And because of this, I went about telling people not to go to The SCOAN. I said it was an anti-Christ church and “the synagogue of satan” where nothing good can come out from. Because I said these things, I didn’t know I was ruining myself too. The problems continued for me. I didn’t know where to turn to. My children and family were ruined. I lost my wife because of breast cancer, and my children died in an accident. I got married to another woman but there was a problem. She left and went to her people. The ministry was in shambles, and I didn’t know what to do. I asked myself, “What is wrong? I’m preaching the Gospel and it is a gateway to blessings. Why is my case an exception?” I was confused. I went to visit one of my cousins who is a doctor, and I watched Emmanuel TV. I saw miracles that looked incredible, and I wondered. My cousin said that this was hypnosis, that they were being mesmerized and that when they were dazed, they collapsed on the ground.

Then I saw the Anointing Water. I saw healing, deliverance and all manner of miracles through the Anointing Water. I said that this man was living in the water and that this was another dimension of initiating people too. I refused to accept the miracles and the authenticity of the mercy of God to humanity. I was always seeing the negative side and there were repercussions upon my life and ministry. Other pastors who watched Emmanuel TV were always telling me that the miracles were not real but stage-managed. You can’t believe it. Even on Monday after my confession, three pastors called me. I know that these are people that have Emmanuel TV in their homes.

But they are like the ‘old’ pharisees who stand on the way, not allowing people to enter into their miracles. The SCOAN Sunday Service I have discovered that the appointment as a crusade director has amounted to disappointment and has brought ruin. My body is sick. Nothing is working. I asked another friend of mine who is a medical doctor. He told me that I have a confession to make, that I used to speak evil against the man of God and that the Bible says that sin against man can be forgiven but sin against the Holy Spirit would never be forgiven.

I didn’t have the courage to come to The SCOAN after I had told people that nothing good can come out of this place. It was a difficult situation for me. I still went back to watch Emmanuel TV in another pastor’s house. Then I met another pastor who told me that I had wronged an authority in Christ. I said, “I have never insulted any man of God. Who could it be that I have insulted? T.B. Joshua of The SCOAN, do we call him a man of God?” The pastor told me, “You have missed it.

Are you the one who makes people men of God? Prophet T.B. Joshua is the one who can deliver you. You must go to him for deliverance”. It wasn’t easy for me to come; it was another mountain before me. I had to summon up courage, and I came to The SCOAN. I came on Monday. The wise men came and attended to me. I thank God. When finally the man in the Synagogue, the man anointed, the man of the now… When Prophet T.B. Joshua appeared, he was very humble; he didn’t look like us who dressed to intimidate. I saw what I had never seen among my fellow preachers and old founders who are bishops. Prophet T.B. Joshua hugged me. He laughed. He took pictures with me. Oh, what a simplicity! What a humility! What a compassion! Somebody even asked him for his Bible and he gave it to him.

I said, “No, I have not seen this kind”. Something was saying within me, “If we can produce these types, there will be peace in Nigeria”. The SCOAN Sunday Service Since I came, I have seen it in another way; I see the place as an institution in your life and your word. No one can see you on the road and believe that you are a Holy Ghost machine! The SCOAN Sunday Service I’m sorry, man of God. I have sinned against the Holy Ghost and the Anointed of God. Please, have mercy on me. He has been troubled for the past one week. I think he has expressed his feelings. My relationship with my Nigerian pastors, God is aware. If my people had seen what is happening here clearly, you people from other countries wouldn’t have access to me. Now God will begin to open that understanding. You know, this is the church of all nations. My country’s position should not be more than half percent.

If they had seen and accepted me in the beginning, it would have disturbed my mission to the world. It is the will of God. The SCOAN Sunday Service If they had accepted me and seen me clearly, it would have disturbed my mission to the whole world. This church would have become a Nigerian church and it is not only a Nigerian church. God is aware. What they have been doing from the beginning was never a sin – God is aware. I repeat again. God decided to allow that to happen. God can use any foolish thing. He used that to keep me for the nations and the whole world. The SCOAN Sunday Service Just believe you are my father, you are my brother. Your pain is my pain now. Your trouble is my trouble, your pain is my pain. Two believers are better than one. Thank you very much. Hallelujah. We believe you have been inspired by the clip you have just watched. Click here to subscribe to witness more of God’s power at work in our generation today, and stay up-to-date with the latest prophecies, deliverances, sermons and testimonies from The SCOAN.

Emmanuel TV – Changing Lives, Changing Nations, and Changing the World.

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Cut Your Cable Bill

6500+ TV channels for $20 Want My TV is an online TV company that features 6500+ TV channels, including all sports, amazing movie channels and live events without the expensive price tag of cable or satellite systems. ...

How to Configure IPTV on Android TV Box, Smartphone or Tablet PC 📺💻🤖

How to Configure IPTV on Android TV Box, Smartphone or Tablet PC 📺💻🤖

Hello everybody! In today’s post, I’ll tell you just what apps to use if you want to watch IPTV on an Android TV field, Smartphone or Smart TV.

With Android  products becoming more and more popular, many people are wondering if they can use them to watch IPTV streams. In fact, IPTV is one of the latest and most relevant television criteria. To watch it, you require an Android unit – be it a TV, a TV field (additionally called a set-top field) or a smartphone – and naturally, an Internet connection.

Right now there’s a huge number of applications that allow you watch IPTV.

First  that you have a high-speed online connection and a suitable player set up on your unit,  A great on is VLC player.  Another crucial step is to find and install a TV channel list in M3U format.  This application is good for poor TV boxes as it is not too resource-intensive.

To watch TV networks, add a playlist to this field, specify the course to a file or paste a link. If your provider offers its list of networks, you’ll use it, or searching for a free channel list online. Doing it, open your web browser and type “IPTV list” in search field. Start 1st link (you will see it in description) Now you should either download the file or copy this link.

In the program’s window, click to add playlist. Now you specify location of file you have simply downloaded or select a URL if you have copied the link, then paste the copied text into this field. The link are copied with unneeded information – if that’s your case, delete all text after “m3u.” Specify the playlist name and click “Ok” to open record of available networks. Now pick the channel you’d always watch and click it. The movie cannot start if you don’t have a video player set up on your unit. Whenever program begins, you might see this notification. Within case, down load MXPlayer or a similar application and try again.

That’s all, now you’ll watch internet protocol address television whatever you are utilizing – a Smart TV, a TV field or an Android smartphone. Online, you’ll find other channel listings also and add them to this application, because it can switch between several listings. Perfect Player Another device is Perfect Player, which can be discovered and set up from Play marketplace. This is a full-fledged IPTV and news player with on-screen menus, full-screen control choices, and a channel manager. Its on-screen menu lets you get a handle on just how you watch a video with a minimum of user actions.

It additionally features voice search, automatically begins the application when the TV field is turned on, and it lets you select a third-party player working with movie files. You can configure its settings so it begins when the Android os TV is switched on, and reassign remote control buttons. This application is created for Android os set-top boxes, And navigating it from smart phones and tablets can be challenging occasionally. This player additionally supports archives. ForkPlayer If you don’t feel like searching and upgrading playlists everytime, there’s a tool with built-in channel listings and libraries complete of movies, TV show alongside movie stuff. You can find the link in description. ForkPlayer is a browser that can be modified for your particular unit to view web sites and playlists developed by other users. All the content is taken directly from web sites and is shown in ForkPlayer after webpages are prepared and changed into the player’s own format.

The supply and quality of videos depends totally on web site they’re transmitted from and the speed of your online connection. The software can be managed easily with a mouse or remote control. Whenever you start the application the first-time, you should simply take some time configuring it, because it doesn’t show all available resources at once. Doing it, open Settings, go to start menu settings, and click here to add all links. Next, enable third-party content (adult content at your option), set the movie quality you prefer, enable reviews and Remote Fork to be displayed. Now that you are finished with the settings, go to the primary web page to see that some tabs are added.

For example, at KinoKong you’ll see latest movies, TV show, cartoons, TV programs or utilize the search function discover everything like. At WamyMyTV , there’s a large list (6500) of IPTV networks.

Good luck. .

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An excellent choice for IPTV is Want My TV

The Aftermath

The Aftermath

Rachael. Hello, Lewis. Glance at you. They’re nonetheless finding bodies. It is chaos available to you. This house will be requisitioned because of the Brit government. Herr Lubert. Colonel Morgan. Kindly come inside. This will be my spouse. My daughter and I also will remain from your way until we go on to the camp. Let’s say we let them stick to? You imply… real time using them? There is almost certainly not an outward show of hatred, but it’s truth be told there underneath the surface. Throughout the war, did you ever before a cure for a German triumph? Did the bombing affect the wellness people plus family members? It impacted the healthiness of my spouse. She died into the firestorm. I’m therefore sorry. You did not let me know the things I was walking into. This isn’t how it was supposed to be.

None of the is how it’s supposed to be. Do not go! We have employment doing. If you’re planning to spy on a woman, the least you might do is spend the girl a compliment. Yes, obviously. One thing’s changed. Be mindful, that’s all. They’re not like united states. I never thought that I could be pleased like this. Have myself. This is what you wanted. To brand new beginnings. .

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Secret Life of Pets 2

Secret Life of Pets 2

Max: Wheeeee! Whooopeee! I am so excited! Gidget: Hey Max, what are you so stoked up about? Max: Hey Gidget! Ooops! I am excited. Ooops! Because… There’s gonna be a fresh McDonald’s…ooops! Happy dish Secret Life of Pets 2 toys!!! Gidget: Wow! I’d like, I’d like! We wanna see, We wanna see! There is gonna be more folks! Yey!!! Max: That’s right, Gidget! Here it’s! Keith’s Toy Box It’s the new McDonald’s Happy dish toys based on the latest key Life of Pets 2 movie. And now we got the entire assortment of 10 toys here. Let us open them all. Let us focus on Cone Bobbler Max. That’s me! Here it’s! Oh and appearance inside my dog bowl! Sweet, it’s two bones inside it. Hmmmm… We want to check it out! Let us see view me! I acquired that cone around my head.

Then once you push it, my head wobbles! Ooooh, that tickles! Now, let us decide to try that dog bone tissue. Oh no! Help! I am stuck! Help! I am stuck! Wow, that’s some meals! That’s Cone Bobbler Max! let us open another. Now, it’s… Captain Snowball. Ooh, this appears enjoyable! let us see they can be incredibly attractive or menacingly frustrated. Oooh, there’s Captain Snowball. Sweet! view his eyes! So tough! Hmmm. Just how do we play this? Oh, i understand we’re going to spin it. So let us move many of these in order to make area. Prepared? There you get! Haha! This will be enjoyable! So’s Captain Snowball! Next, let us available…

Groovy Gidget! Hmmm. Let us see just what this does! Gidget is a white Pomeranian who’s a secret crush on Max. Whoa, there’s Gidget! Let us see Oh, it’s a pullback! Go Gidget, get! Max! Hey Max! take a good look at Gidget! she actually is got a nice set of wheels underneath in order to make her run. So’s Gidget. Next, let us browse Tiger Leap Hu. Hu is a young white Tiger through the key Life of Pets 2 movie who was simply captured by a circus.

Then Snowball and Daisy set him free! Here he could be Now, let us see So we forced down his straight back like so and he jumps! Sweet! let us decide to try that once more. Did you know that Hu means Tiger in Chinese? So’s Tiger Leap Hu. Now let us browse Wheelin’ Norman. Norman is a Guinea Pig and he keeps getting lost searching for his apartment. Awww! He’s so attractive! Glance at that! And he includes his own wheel. Oh yes, let us decide to try pushing him along! Haha cool! It is like he is operating in their own workout wheel! So, that’s Norman. What type is your favorite to date? Reveal inside opinions below. Now, let us browse… Daisy towards Rescue. Daisy is a Shih Tzu and she’s among the new characters inside key Life of Pets 2 movie. Ah so attractive! Glance at the girl ponytail! Oh nice! Turn her ponytail and her skateboard turns too! That’s Daisy! Make sure you tell us what type is your favorite to date! Now, let us browse Beam-Chasing Chloe. Chloe is a blue Tabby Cat inside key Life of Pets movie and she’s overweight.

There’s Chloe! Let us turn it in. Oh, there’s a light! Oh nice! See that beam that’s projected onto the dining table. It seems like Chloe’s trying to chase it. That’s Beam-Chasing Chloe! Now, let us browse Lovable Tiny. Tiny is a Basset Hound. Oh, i do believe this is likely to be nice. Let us take a look! There is Tiny! Aaaw, so attractive! Glance at those ears! They’re like a heart. Aaaww! Haha! That’s so nice! His ears flop down and up once you push him along. There is the wheel underneath. That’s Lovable Tiny. Up next… is Bone Shaking Rooster. Rooster is amongst the new characters inside key Life of Pets 2 movie.

he is a Welsh Sheepdog who works on a farm where Max and Duke are visiting. Here he could be! Sweet! glance at the bone tissue in his lips. Oh, that’s nice! Once you pull his end, his head turns. Bone Shaking Rooster! That’s Bone Shaking Rooster. Now, here’s Tail-Chasin’ Buddy. Buddy is a Dachshund who is one of many characters inside key Life of Pets movie. Did you know that he utilizes a kitchen mixer to get a massage? Yes, he truly does! So funny, right? There’s Buddy! And press the button to send him running after his end! So attractive! And here’s Buddy once more through the very first Happy dish toys show. Hey Buddy, have a look at your model! It is so attractive. Just like you! So, what’s your favorite to date? Make sure to tell us inside opinions below.

There’s all 10 key Life of Pets 2 Happy dish toys. And undoubtedly you are able to combine these with initial Happy dish Toy show from 2016. And there you’ve got it! All 18 key Life of Pets Happy dish toys. Hit the thumbs up icon and be sure you subscribe. Many thanks for watching. Bye!!! .

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Who is the Lineal – Real Heavyweight Champion

Tyson Fury hasn’t been defeated.  So, is he the ‘lineal heavyweight champion” of the world? If he was the guy who beat the guy who beat the guy.  Then you have to say until a heavyweight champion beats Tyson Fury in the ring. Are you listening Andy Ruiz Jr.?  After the amazing upset that Ruiz had over Anthony Joshua in New York earlier this month, can now add the ‘Snickers’ heavyweight belt to the WBA, WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO titles. 

The ‘Snickers’ belt was awarded to Ruiz most likely do to the ample girth around the waistline the Heavyweight Champion.  Following his victory over Joshua, Ruiz Jr was congratulated by Snickers – no doubt spotting an opportunity to market their product – on social media.

Now is there another belt just laying around?

Before Ruiz can truly be crowned Heavyweight Champion of the World.  Ruiz has got to beat the guy who beat the guy!